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Ormiston Rise - Meet Peter & Tootie

Thursday, November 05, 2020

Love at first sight

With one look, Peter and Tootie knew that Ormison Rise was their‘meant to be.’ “We used to buy strawberries from the farm up the road,” Peterremembers. “When we saw the sign for a new retirement village, straight away we said, ‘We need to move in there!’. After exploring their options and chatting with the friendly sales team, they knew the village was their perfect match. But, not quite ready to buy, Peter and Tootie waited for the right moment to move. They’d soon find out: there’s no time like the present! With our homes selling like hot cakes, Peter and Tootie had to get in quick. “The sales team kept us in the loop and suddenly, there were only three of the largest villas left. Within days, some friends told us they’d just bought one of those three – and that was it! We knew that it was time.”

Finally ready for their next adventure, thecouple downsized to their dream home.

Everybody needs good neighbours

A socially dynamic duo, Peter and Tootie love living life in community. Their family home was in an active cul-de-sac, where friends and neighbours gathered to celebrate each season. Now, at Ormiston Rise, their community connection is stronger than ever. “We started coming to group activities at Ormiston Rise before we even moved in, so we knew we would be happy in the community here!”

Peter and Tootie thrived in the warm, welcoming environment of the village. Making the most of ‘Club Ormiston’and the countless social events, they connected in community and embraced their new neighbours – who’ve now become good friends.

Safe. Secure. Sensational!

After their children moved out, Peter and Tootie enjoyed the space and familiarity of their 5-bedroom house. But, as they grew older, the large home and garden became too much to maintain. “Much as we love gardening, it was getting too much – our patio garden here is much more manageable. And it’s nice not having a huge 5-bedroom house to clean!”

Peter and Tootie are overjoyed with their new life in Ormiston Rise. With their high-end home, the stunning scenery and fabulous facilities, they’ve settled into their new life in style. “We’ve only been here just over a month, but we know we made the right decision.”



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