Resident Stories

Tranquil Waters
- Meet Phil and Dorothy

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If you want to know what life is like at Tranquil Waters ask Dorothy and Phil; they should know, they have been living at the village for over 14 years.

“We always knew we would move into a retirement village, one day”, said Phil. “But when we got to our late 60s we thought perhaps sooner might be better than later. We wanted to enjoy the benefits of village life while still relatively young. We did a lot of travelling then and it was great to be able to just shut the door and go away without a single worry”.

Peter & Dorothy were living on the central NSW coast prior to their move. “We had visited this area many times”, said Phil “And on one visit we noticed there was a retirement village being built right on the waterfront. Now I am a firm believer if my wife is happy I don’t have to worry about anything else. Dorothy took one look and said that was where she wanted to live”.

“It is idyllic”, said Dorothy. “We have great facilities and a fantastic location. There are only 120 villas so it is a very friendly place – every one knows each other. And management is great - they are very helpful when you need anything done. I think that is because it is a family owned business; they are more caring than big companies probably would be”.

Phil agreed “They are very inclusive. When they started developing our two storey leisure centre we all had the opportunity to have an input and when they were planning to build the pool they wanted to know if we wanted an inside or outside one”.

So, in hindsight, was Tranquil Waters a good move for Dorothy and Phil? “We wouldn’t still be here if it wasn’t”, said Dorothy. “We love it here".



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