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Tranquil Waters
- Meet Di

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

“My name is Dianne and I have lived at Tranquil Waters for nearly 6 years now and really enjoy living in this village.

I have been asked many times by friends, family and people, trying to make this decision for themselves, “Why did you decide to live in in a Retirement Village”.

Approximately 10 years ago my husband was diagnosed with Terminal Bowel Cancer and it soon became very apparent that we would have to move out of our 5-bedroom house with a swimming pool at Redland Bay, to something smaller and with a lot less maintenance.

We started looking for a smaller house. After Kev had a few stays in hospital we started to think that a place where we could leave the maintenance to others would be a very good idea. We also realized that time was now precious and we would like to be able to spend a little time traveling and a lot more time together. This really lead us to thinking about retirement villages.

Why Tranquil Waters?

We had lived around the Victoria Point, Redland Bay area for the past 10 years and really enjoyed the lifestyle, so decided to explore villages in this area. We had watched Tranquil Waters progress from the very beginning and often commented on the location and the appeal of the village, of course this was the first village we visited. After visiting all other retirement villages in the area (and believe me there are a lot), we were back the next day to put our deposit on our chosen villa. All we had to do was sell our house.

We moved into our villa on the 30th May, 2010. Everything was made so easy for us and when we arrived with our furniture we were greeted with a lovely tray set out with a kettle, cups, tea, coffee and morning tea. Then later in the day Management arrived with some lunch. We really felt spoilt and very welcome.

We really enjoyed our new life, we could come and go as we pleased, still have our activities outside the village and joined in the social calendar at Tranquil Waters when we wanted to. We made many good friends and had many fun times at Christmas in July, Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve events and many others.

Kev passed away approximately three years after we had moved in. He was happy with the thought that I would be in good company and not on my own, but could grieve in private if I needed. I have always been extremely grateful for the support I have received both from friends, family and Management that helped me cope with the ups and downs of the next few years. I have always been happy with the thought, that we had made the right decision to move in to Tranquil Waters, at the right time of our lives.

Village life can be as busy as you want it to be. There is always plenty to do. Play indoor bowls, Maj Jong, Cards etc. including Canasta and 500 and Billiards for the men. You can join our Singing groups, Aqua Aerobics’ or Line Dancing as well as Craft groups. A group that goes to the Major Theatre productions and every three months a Bus Tour is organized to a Point of interest including morning tea and lunch. Our village bus is available to take you on weekly trips to the local shops and monthly to one of the big Shopping Centres.

Dinner is served every Sunday evening (at a small charge of course), you can come to the Community Centre with friends, make yourself a tea, coffee or have something a little stronger. (Alcoholic drinks can be bought on an honour system, you put your money in the drawer) Our Social calendar consist of Christmas Party, New Year’s Eve Party, Christmas in July. In the past few years we have had The Three Tenors (now Tenori), The Andrew Sisters, and various bands providing some great entertainment. Or of course you can have your own group of friends visit in your villa. Most of these activities etc have been organised by our fabulous Volunteers.

The library caters for all reading tastes, you can work out in the gym. Have your haircut at our hairdressing salon, perhaps visit the Dr, Podiatrist or Reflexologist, all by appointment of course. Then of course if you just want a quiet time your villas are the place to be. You can have as much of your own privacy as you would like.

Would I make the same decision now?

Yes, in a heartbeat. I would personally advise people not to leave it too late to retire into a retirement village. Come in early, join in some of the activities, meet people and make friends, then really enjoy your retirement.”



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