Christmas is for quality time

Ormiston Rise

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas … “

We might not have holly and snow, but we still know that Christmas is coming here in the Redlands when we can see the poincianas putting on a festive display right outside our front doors!

A Christmas to Look Forward to

While 2020 has been full of challenges, thankfully here in Australia the situation has eased considerably, so we can look forward to spending the Christmas period with our loved ones.

For some of us, it’s been months since we’ve actually been able to be together! And after such a difficult year, how lovely to be able to enjoy some quality time with our children and grandchildren.

From decorating the Christmas tree together, to heading out to view the Christmas lights or a carols event, the festive season is full of opportunities to create magical memories. Or maybe your speed is more kicking back with a couple of classic Christmas movies, or bonding over board games or jigsaw puzzles.

Not to mention the great outdoors – relaxing by the pool, barbecues, visits to the beach, picnics, and checking out the sights that have been off the agenda for so long!

But is that what it will really be like?

The reality for many families is that a visit to your place isn’t likely to be a relaxing break. Rather, they’ll need to help you with all those odd jobs that are part and parcel of home ownership, but which become more of a challenge as we grow older.

Have You Been Making a List, Checking it Twice?!

While the grandkids have been busy writing their lists for Santa Claus, you’ve been writing a list too – of all the chores you’re hoping family will help with! For example:

  • cleaning the gutters
  • pruning the gardens
  • adding grab rails in the bathroom
  • clearing out the shed
  • changing hard to get at light bulbs
  • fixing the settings on your TV
  • and it goes on

It doesn’t sound like much of a holiday for anybody!

Regardless of whether your family is staying with you, or live nearby, we’re all more than ready for a break after all the turmoil of 2020!

Christmas is for Quality Time

Imagine instead, living somewhere where help is always on hand to take care of the fiddly bits for you. From changing light bulbs that are out of reach, to keeping the gardens looking their best, when you move into a retirement village like Ormiston Rise or Tranquil Waters the living is easy all year round – but especially at Christmas!

And you never know, the kids just might visit more often if they know they’re not needed to take care of your household maintenance, as well as their own.

Of course, not everybody has family to depend upon or keep them company through the festive season, but that’s the beauty of living in one of our retirement communities. You’ll find plenty of other like-minded people close at hand, as well as all the fun and frolics you could wish for. 

Give your family the gift of your presence, not just presents this festive season, by spending quality time together.

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