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Ormiston Rise

Remember how as a child you just couldn’t wait to grow up? Adults got to have all the fun!

Although our parents were quick to remind us that “with adult rights come adult responsibilities”, that didn’t faze us.

Milestones like our first pay packet, driver’s licence, and moving into our own place all made us feel like we were finally ‘adulting’ – and that meant independence and all its benefits. Choice. Freedom. Options.

Planning for Retirement

We take all this for granted for much of our adult lives; but heading into our retirement years comes the dawning realisation that it might not always be so.

However with a bit of planning we can maintain our independence well into the future.

According to a recent report from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, many older Australians are living in houses that won’t allow them to fulfil their desire of living independently as they grow older. It’s not just a matter of having a home that can be easily adapted to cater for any future needs in a physical sense – it’s also about making sure you still have easy access to social and other activities should your mobility be affected in any way.

A move into a retirement village like Ormiston Rise will give you an enviable lifestyle both now, and into the future. With resort style facilities and a range of activities available right on your doorstep, your retirement will feel like a permanent holiday – which is how it should be!

A Home for Life

And should your circumstances change, you’ll have one less thing to worry about because you won’t be forced to move somewhere more suitable. Instead, you’ll be able to stay in the home you already know and love.

At Ormiston Rise, we’ve created the perfect environment for you both now and into the future, with:

  • Modern and stylish homes which incorporate thoughtful design elements such as a one-story layout, no-step entries, wide doors and hallways, and bathrooms with walk in showers and grab rails.
  • All external maintenance done by the village operator, so you don’t have to climb ladders or worry about mowing, pruning and other garden chores.
  • Easy access to fully vetted contractors.

Heather Hill Home Care

Our partnership with Heather Hill Home Care is just one example. Whether you need a bit of temporary support while recovering from surgery, an ongoing arrangement, or just don’t want to bother with some of the more tiresome household tasks, services can be arranged quickly and easily. Heather Hill can assist in so many ways (even more than what you might think) – from housekeeping and meals, through to pet care, technology, staying fit and even social.

It’s said we use our hearts not our heads when we choose a home, and that doesn’t have to change in retirement.

After a lifetime of ‘adulting’ – wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all the rights, and ditch some of the responsibilities, now you’ve retired?!

Come and see why Ormiston Rise is the ideal place to enjoy your retirement – call Jodie on 3139 8214 at Ormiston Rise today to arrange your personal inspection.

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